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Plamed Green Science Group is a high-tech enterprises dedicated to extraction of natural plant active ingredients and research of product formulation. Founded in 2013, the company is located in Gazelle valley, pioneering R&D park, No.69 Jinye Road, Xi’an, China. In 2015, Plamed, as the secretary general enterprise of Shaanxi Plant Extract Association, has served two consecutive terms.

Plamed Green Science Group focuses on the research and production of cosmetic ingredients, including PMRepair® Centella for skin repair, PMSoothe® 9728 for relieving irritation instantly, PMSoothe® 9982 for soothing and anti-inflammation, PMOil-control® 9574 for oily sensitive skin, DCR®029 for anti-blue light and anti-UV, PMWhite® Glabridin for whitening gently.

Plamed will put more resources into the area of natural cosmetics raw material, and explore further and concentrate on the field for a long time. Plamed aims to be the most professional supplier of natural cosmetics raw material.

Plamed mostly values customer cooperation experience. In order to improve customer cooperation experience, we launch one commitment, three-heart theory and the product manager investment mechanism.

Three-heart theory is to make the customer unworried, secure and relieved.

In order to ensure you always see enthusiasm of Plamed, we implements product manager system. Product manager is not only a salesman, but also an investor of products.

In order to ensure stability of the quality, we have established a strategic cooperation with specializied phytochemistry laboratory-UCGS that invests 15 million. Together with UCGS, we develop quality control standards for the four products. UCGS is responsible for third-party testing of Plamed.


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